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Prints & Merch Available!

Hey people,

I have some recent work that has been added to my gallery as well as some news on prints. I recently ran across Society6, a site many of you may already be aware of but I had not been. For those who don’t know, it’s a site (much like Cafepress) that allows you to set up a free online store where you can upload images and sell on various products that will be manufactured by the site holders on a “per sale” basis. The main difference between sites like Cafepress and Society6 is that S6 is primarily geared towards artists by providing a place for them to sell prints of their work without having to deal with actually printing, packaging, and shipping the products they sell. You can dictate the amount you want to earn on top of the manufacturing cost for each print, while merchandise has a fixed amount of profit that goes to you for each sale.

I have uploaded a couple of my pieces and made them available as high quality prints, stretched canvas prints, framed prints, t-shirts, hoodies, iphone cases/skins, laptop/ipad skins, pillows, etc. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work, or helping me pay my bills, check out me store  and spend some money, let me know if there are any pieces in my tumblr or main site gallery you want to see as prints and I’ll try to make them available, but for now enjoy some of my best pieces that are available now.

P.s: I will add more later.