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On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court will hear a case that has the potential to give big corporations free rein to write contracts that prevent consumers from ever holding them accountable for fraud, antitrust violations, or any other abuses of consumer and worker protection laws now on the books.


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This has got to be like the 6th in a long line of laws that have been introduced in the past 18 months that are designed to let big corporations or the government, at the behest of big corporations, trample on individual and small business rights by letting the larger corporate entities or gov. agencies have too much sway when it comes to copyright, access to private information and now your right to sue the crap out of someone when they screw you over.

Basically what this law looks like is an expansion on a clause that some companies have been including in their End User License Agreements that makes you agree to a contract that states you will not join a class action lawsuit if the company does something wrong (I believe Electronic Arts was one of the first companies to do this). Anyway, this new law will make it impossible for an individual to sue a large company if they commit fraud or break anti-trust laws, etc.

What ever happened to that whole, corporations are people business, or is that only applied when it benefits said entities? I guess if you are rich enough, and can actually afford to pay out on a class action lawsuit you are also rich enough to be legally exempt from such things actually happening to you.

Sean Closson