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For Boston, For Boston, 'Til The Echoes Ring Again

For all those people running scared in Boston tonight, I would just like to say, stay strong. It’s almost hard to believe that someone could or would stage an attack like this, and I’m sure that whoever is responsible will be held accountable. As someone with strong ties to the city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts, having been born in Brockton and spending my first 3 years of live in South Carver, and then returning to spend almost a decade in the North Shore community of Beverly during and around my college education, and having many family members who live and work in the area, I can safely say that I feel your outrage.

The city of Boston has a strong heritage or patriots and standing together, and I have no doubt that that sense of self will continue to give it’s people strength in times such as this. Pull together and you will get through this. Stay strong, Boston, you are by far one of the closest places to my heart.