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Cheap Prints Available, Help A Starving Artist.

Hey people, I just wanted to let you know that I have some prints available from my Blitz Artwalk show. Each pre-matted print is available for $25 and is roughly about 11" by 17" inches. I have already sold 3 of them, including the “Coin Operated Gentleman,” “War Rabbit,” and “Free Meals At Work.” I still have 12 prints left though, so if you are interested feel free to email me at with your information and I will email you back to arrange payment and to let you know if the print you want is still available.
I could really use the money, as it would help me not have to move back to Maine for 6 months or more, so let me know if anyone is interested in funding the Coffee:Black starving artist fund.

Prints still currently available include:

“Coffee:Black Header/Tatoo design”

“Porco Rosso”

“Spicey Gorilla”

“The Coffee:Black Business Card Design”





2 Rez Side Shirt Designs

“Rez Side Logo feather”

“The Red”

“The Catachism Cataclysm” first ever print of the DVD art I did.
Sean Closson